Darkness Found Inspirations

October is the start of the dark season. This year it seems particularly fitting.

My journey to the centre of self through the archetypal stages of the Great Round of Mandala is in perfect correlation with the seasons here.

In all the year so far, I have never been so ready as I was at the beginning of this month to enter into the next stage.

This year, as I move through the stages on my own journey, I am also reminded of the same time last year and the beginning of the decline for my mama, which culminated in the first stage of the Great Round, The Void (where we are resting in the darkness.)

That was a true pilgrimage into the darkness. Oh, and how!

For me, it is no surprise that Joan Kellogg (creator of the Great Round of Mandala) called this stage, The Gates of Death.

>> I have arrived. I am ready.

Not literally, of course. Look, it’s symbolic – dinnae fret!

This is the realm of the dark goddess.

We can follow her invitation to enter, or we can resist (there will be a price, of course – both to enter and to resist.)

It is where the yin energy calls strongest and if we follow, we can shed all of that which no longer serves.

We are letting go in order to confront our shadow.

Which will allow us to move into a state of grace.

Before we begin the cycle once more and rise up into the light.

Today’s #foundinspirationsfriday post is an extract from the introduction to my forthcoming lesson in The Great Round of Mandala ecourse* I lead. I can’t express how much I love my work . Or how honoured I am to lead so many beautiful souls through this quite amazing journey of self growth.

Truly, this is a gift. As was my journey with my mama. I can’t express how much I miss her. I can’t tell you how ready I am to enter these realms of the underworld, where I can explore these still gaping red, fleshy wounds with the full extent of my tongue.

*I will be leading this course again in 2014 – make sure you’ve subscribed to be the first to know how and when!


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