Enduring Love

We were having one of our many deep conversations – this time about relationships. Not just romantic ones, but friendships, too. About how complicated they were, especially online versions.

And I admitted to him that I had been thinking about how, if I was single (or at least working at home by myself) I’d get so much more work done – and spend more time making friends on social media (good for the business, I’d said.)

He laughed, not feeling at all rejected. He knows it’s true.

I quickly added that of course, most folk who are engaging enthusiastically online would give their teeth to be sharing coffee and face to face conversation with their true love in the middle of the morning.

‘Cause when you’re apart you don’t want to mingle
When you’re together you want to be single
Ever the chase to taste the kiss of bliss
That made your heart tingle
How much greener the grass is
With those rose tinted glasses

~ Lyrics by Passenger, The Wrong Direction

Then we discussed how aspirational it is to witness an equal, loving and supportive relationship between a couple – and how it also sometimes makes us want to puke.

But the butterflies, they flutter by
And leave us on our asses

~ Lyrics by Passenger, The Wrong Direction

Relationships are difficult.

People are complicated.

I want to shout my love from the world most days. But I know then that for those who don’t have it, the pain of hearing someone else’s joy can run deep, so I don’t.

Some days it doesn’t feel like a miracle, and I definitely don’t want to shout about it.

Yep, definitely complicated!

Today? Today I want it to be known that I did dream of him. And I wouldn’t swap him for all the social media friends in the world.

p.s. I don’t think this just applies to women, despite the text. My #foundinspirations are messages from and for my self – and I’m a woman.

p.p.s I also reckon there are plenty of folk who take the greatest delight in being single. Enduring love comes in many forms…

p.p.p.s I love and greatly value each and every one of you, my social media friends 🙂


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