I promised you a prediction … and that’s coming … but first, please allow me to share a story with you.

A few years ago when I felt that the story I was telling (living) wasn’t the one I wanted to listen to, I decided to change it.

[That’s a whole story in itself, but not for here and now!]

When I had eventually figured out my new story, I wanted to honour it in a special way – to breathe it into being with something out of the ordinary.

I’d been documenting my story through my blog and in the private pages of my beloved art journal, but I felt called to creating something specific, significant and if not sacred, exactly, then certainly something separate and special.

I created my first mixed media story book. It was the place I made quite an important declaration:

I was a mixed media beginner, not really knowing much about my own personal style – I was just delving into techniques I felt drawn to on my brief forays into the mixed media/art journal community.

I knew that I wanted a beautiful, self-contained keepsake to honour my journey to this new place – a reminder of who I was and how I had arrived here.

My mixed media skills were not extremely well-honed, and I was still finding it hard to see other people creating beautiful works of art and feeling like I did’t have the talent, skills, supplies or time to create something similar.

Nevertheless, I gifted myself the time and bought a few limited supplies that I thought I might also use in my art journaling practice.

I let go of all preconceptions about how I wanted it to look and I engaged fully in the process of creation.

I was caring for my dear mama at the time, accompanying her on her journey through terminal cancer and so it was a precious gift to myself – the time itself, the act of listening to my own story and the act of self-witnessing at a time when I was caught up in a quite different (and momentous) story line.

Here I am now …

I’m way more confident in my skills as an artist. I’ve put in a great deal of time to figure out how I can best represent myself through my art.

I know the answers to questions about my personal colour palette and symbolism without any hesitation and I’m also integrating it my many years of experience with the psychology of self.

This is all leading my art in a whole new direction – miles and miles away from that first story book.

But that book remains very precious to me. I regularly pick it up and touch each of the pages, recalling each of the moments contained within.

“When we are seen by the heart we are seen for who we are.” Rachel Naomi Remen

I think we all need to share our story – each of us needs to be seen and to be heard. That’s why I created the I Am, I Am, I Am mixed media adventure to create your own story book workshop.

But we each have a different and unique approach to telling our stories.

Knowing this, I spent a couple of days working with my husband, Martin (CEO of personality psychology company PeopleMaps), to produce a co-written mini personality report which looks at just some of the ways your personality might affect how you approach the telling of your story.

Time for my prediction!

I’d love for you to check out what we came up with – it’ll take less than a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the results in the comments!