palm trees to rowan berries

Only two weeks in another country, but already I was connected to it.

The hot sun and the palm trees. The blue skies and the dusty earth. Bare feet on hot, carefully cultivated green grass.

Re-entry can be difficult, no matter how long the time or how great the distance.

So how best to connect again with home? A walk up the country paths outside our home, that’s how.

A not so blue sky. A not so hot sun.

Instead, underneath the pale, wan grey we find a lush, verdant growth. Brambles on the verge of a blush. Maybe even some greengages hanging like decorations on the trees that guard the old railway path.

The bright, bright red berries on the rowans, their background the scented pine and wee puffs of cornflower blue, dotted prettily in the crowded undergrowth.

Cool nights and cardigans.

The last gasp of a Scottish summer.

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