Hero Quest Post

The Hero’s Quest is currently my favourite ever piece of art that I’ve created. (I know that’s a clunky sentence – I couldn’t figure out how else to say it!)

It’s an art poster I made for a post over at Creative Dream Journals and was inspired by an art journal spread.

It’s my favourite for a few reasons. Here are a few of them;

  • I’m witnessing the development of a style that I truly like.
  • I’m seeing the honest progression/delineation from/of art journaling to public art.
  • I’m combining my long experience with the psychology of self with my art.
  • I’m learning to interpret my unconscious more easily than ever before.
  • I’m gaining confidence in my ability to articulate those interpretations.
  • I can see the bigger picture/future of this series.
  • I love fluorescent pink paint – it’s my heart colour

Probably a hundred more reasons (I love the black hair , her green eyes, the imperfectness of the symmetry) but those will do for now.

What part does your art journal play in helping you create art for public consumption?

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