tree mandala great round stage seven

Stage seven is half way through our Great Round of Mandala ecourse and it corresponds with high summer and an alignment of ego and self.

The video lesson I recorded for the class used a lot of measuring and planning, which offered up a great deal of insight, but there was also an opportunity to work with some more flowing personal symbolism and so I worked with a tree mandala exercise.

Whilst creating the tree, we are asking ourselves what the tree needs to flourish – and because the tree is an ancient symbol for representing self (and our potential to reach wholeness) we are also revealing what our self needs.

I used some packing paper, glued down with acrylic medium, some white gesso and then Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils, later adding in some tissue paper leaves and some acrylic transfer butterflies.

I chose to keep my journaling private for this one.

Here’s a speedy art video to see how I did it;

Artful self help is my way of working through the emotions and thoughts that I’m currently struggling with – and of revealing hidden truths that need to be brought to the surface for acknowledgement and to help me grow.

The mandala as a container for that information is proving to be quite a remarkable healing tool – and also a place/mode of  important revelation.

As I’m about to record the video lesson for stage eight, I’m excited about how this work continues to lead me forward on my journey and immensely grateful to those who have traveled this path before, lighting the way with beacons of hope and light.

p.s. Season Two of the Great Round of Mandala ecourse (stages five – eight) will be available to purchase in September.