Huzzah! I completed the index card a day challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

How did you get on? Did you join in? How did you find it? Will you do it next year?

Here are my lovely ladies – the #icad #colourportraits series – in all their glory. Don’t they look amazing together?

index card a day complete collection

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that there are not 61 cards in the above selection. That’s because when I started out with the challenge I had no idea that this series would appear.

I started out by making ย random, non-related selection of cards at the beginning of June:

index card a day art collection

To be honest, I found it quite difficult to stick with the challenge of one-a-day and missed quite a few days in a row, so that was when I got to making a small collection to play catch-up :

index card art butterfly collection

And that’s when I really began to enjoy myself, so I made another series, this time in a limited palette;

index card a day challenge chopra selection

And then the colour portrait series was born – because I discovered I’m really all about colour these days.

Once I got going with the ladies, there was simply no stopping me. They had something important ย to tell me and I’ve been listening to them for the best part of six weeks. They made the challenge easy from then on in.

The #icad seed germinates

Those ladies spoke to me in the beautiful language that is the oil pastel – oh how I have loved discovering the qualities of these wee crayons.

There was also strong desire to grow these mini portraits in size, first from 5″ x 3″ to 8″ x 5″, then to 14″ x 10″ :

index card colour portraits

The 14″ x 10″ poster was designed especially for a guest post on Jamie Ridler Studios and will be available in my Etsy shop as a digital print when I get back from my summer holidays.

The second poster in the series will appear in another guest post soon and will also be available in the shop. There are already more in the making, for they’re really fun pieces to work on.

After I’ve finished working on I Am, I Am, I Am (an art journal adventure for beginners) I will be creating the next incarnation of #colourportraits. It’s a completely unique product and a collaboration I’ve been trying to figure out for years – I really can’t wait to share that with you.

But first, there’s I Am, I Am, I Am and the #icad challenge also served up some inspiration for some of the techniques included in the workshop :

index card art inspiration

As far as I can think right now, this was my first internet art challenge – and also the first internet challenge I’ve ever completed from start to finish.ย Sixty one days of creative magic. I had a ball – and learned so much in the process. Look out for it in 2014 – I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised at what emerges.

Thanks Tammy and all the other participants for making it so fun.

What will I do with the cards?

I’ve had requests for trades on the cards, which I’m happy to fulfill and some of the cards have already been allocated for specific people. If you’d like to trade with me, get in touch in the comments and I’ll drop you a note and see what we can figure out.

There’s also a give-away!

What’s up for grabs?

  1. Butterfly collection (4 cards, one recipient) – my favourite cards of the challenge!
  2. Chopra quote collection (4 cards, one recipient)
  3. Colour portrait foursome (4 cards, one recipient)

All you need to do is leave a comment* below (before 9am BST Wednesday 7th August) and tell me who your favourite artist is – and why!

Easy peasy. ย I’ll select the winners using a random number generator and reveal them about noon on Wednesday 7th, here on the blog. Good luck!

*Only one entry per person, please and thank you.