the descent art journal page

It’s been ages since I shared any of my altered book art journal pages beyond my Instagram feed. So this creative practice Monday will see me do just that.

I know I always enjoy peering into other art journals. I guess it’s partly because unlike other art forms, the art journal is truly a private refuge, so there’s something of a voyeuristic feel to it!

For me, the almost daily practice of art journaling is soul-soothing, life-affirming, truth-telling and everything in between. Sometimes I’ll practice a technique I’ve seen elsewhere, but mostly, I just open the pages and let the muse speak.

Sometimes, we just need to release our creative energy with true freedom – no expectations and a playful spirit;

Other times, it’s a question of peering deep inside to see what’s going on;

Then there are the beginnings of a new idea – like early stage product development – as in this page inspired by my #icad practice and the prototype for a forthcoming poster series;

Journal spreads make excellent testing grounds for new art supplies (super blendable oil pastels, in this case);

Altered book journals provide most excellent backgrounds for stream of consciousness doodles and word spillage;

What do you make in your art journal? Is it a private sanctuary for your eyes only, or are you happy to share the contents?