Summer of love

Ah, the romance of long, hot summer days. Sticky hands holding on tightly. Glossy flesh that smells of coconut. The promise that life is endless and we have all the time in the world…

Everyone in the UK is talking about the weather. Our extremely knowledgeable postman informed us this morning that this is the first summer since a long time ago (1976 or 2006, it was under some debate)  that we have managed to maintain summer temperatures consecutively for more than a fortnight – quite the talking point.

I am a solar powered soul trapped in the body of a fair skinned Scottish lady, and I adore summer. True summer, like this, where the nights are breathless and the breeze doesn’t bring you out in goose pimples.

These are my top reasons for summer lovin;

  1. The freedom that comes with bare feet.
  2. Since turning forty, I’m no longer too shy to wear shorts, and hot weather means proper bare legs (even white ones.).
  3. Leaving my hair to dry naturally doesn’t take all day.
  4. We get to see our neighbours (for most of the year everyone stays indoors.)
  5. It’s warm enough to sleep naked.
  6. Scottish raspberries, French apricots, Spanish melons ….
  7. Long cool drinks are served no later than 5pm.
  8. The Scottish countryside is at its most lush.
  9. Looking cool in sunglasses, legitimately!
  10. Everything slows down – people, work, mealtimes…

What transformations occur for you in the summer?


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