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Oh, yes – this is what’s on my mind…

The Scottish summer has arrived – for the first time in quite a few years – and I am enjoying the sunshine and heat tremendously. My bones and pinched nerves are also loving it.

Of course, we are not used to such temperatures here any more, and my brain keeps thinking it is already on holiday on some foreign shores!

So every piece of work feels like treacle. Sweet, delicious treacle. Slow-moving and sensuous. But treacle, all the same!

The next few weeks will be tough, but we’re keeping on track because we finally managed to confirm a house swap holiday in August. After our original swap partners pulled out, we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to arrange anything at such short notice.

After sending out many requests in vain, we finally received an email from a Spanish family who wanted to exchange their holiday apartment with our home here in Scotland.

Our home exchange history has  seen us arrange consecutive swaps and travel for many weeks with our laptops, as we continue to work in various locations. This time, however, we are trying out something new.

We’re going to fly straight to the holiday apartment and stay there for two weeks, doing nothing!

A whole new adventure. But, oh how we need to rest our weary heads after the couple of years of some quite tough going. Even the teenager feels it – and he’s generally like a monkey up a stick and not able to sit still for longer than a millisecond, but even he is looking forward to a change of pace.

But we’re not there yet – and meantime I’m gonna keep at it like treacle, knowing that I can eventually slow to a stop in only a short while.

Are you interested in house swapping? ? Here’s an article I wrote for Location Independent about how to get started.


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