icad 2013 ladies

So the ICAD challenge is still on the go (we’re about to begin week 6) and rather than losing interest – or getting behind myself – all I want to to do is make these wee cards, with these colourful portraits on them.

There’s a germ of an idea forming and my creative self is getting a tiny bit excited, but I’m not at all sure where it’s leading. So for the moment, I’m just enjoying each individual card.

And I guess that is partly what’s driving me to keep going … having fun and enjoying myself.

Accidental oil pastel review

I’m using oil pastels for the colour element and there’s such freedom in them! The set I started out with (KFONG) were really inexpensive, and a little hard and waxy. I think I bought them in a bookshop a couple of years ago.

icad girls

So I did some investigating and bought a starter set of Sennelier pastels, the brand created for Pablo Picasso to use, from Art Discount online. Sure enough, this set is beautifully creamy, with a rich pigment. The colour selection isn’t quite what I want for this series of portraits, though and to be honest, I’m a wee bit scared to use them up – them being quite a bit more expensive and all.

I also purchased a starter set of Pentel Arts Oil Pastels. They were on special offer at only £1.99 for the set and although the selection doesn’t quite contain the colours I want to use for my portraits, the quality is superb!

Just the right blend of creaminess for easy blending and a smooth result. The sticks themselves are quite a bit smaller than the others and I expect the starter set will be finished in no time. I’ve been resisting buying the larger selection, what with the holidays coming up, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out – oil pastels are by far and away my favourite medium at present.

I’ve previously used NeoColorII watercolour crayons and oil pastels for my goddess portraits, but this venture into oil pastels on their own (or over an acrylic background) is encouraging me further into art territory, as opposed to art journaling.

icad faces portraits girls

Applying critical reasoning

When I began the index card a day challenge, I truly didn’t expect that to happen! I wonder what the rest of the month will bring – I’ve certainly no intention of doing anything other than creating these wee portraits for the next wee while. It’s so unlike me to keep repeating the same thing over and over.

I’m committed to following my muse, though and if I were to offer up any analysis at this stage, I think it will be in terms of the symbolism contained within.

That will take a lot more time to unfold, I’m sure, but if I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you know!

You can see more about the icad challenge over at Tammy’s website.