I am I am I am

Call me crazy, but with just over five weeks to go before we set off for a house swap holiday, I’ve decided to release a new workshop!

I am, I am, I am

I am, I am, I am is a mixed media, art journal adventure (especially suited for beginners) to celebrate the brag of your heart. I’ve been wanting to make it since last year and despite me having only these few weeks before our summer break, the idea wouldn’t stay bound within the confines of my Filofax any longer. So who am I to argue?

Learning to trust the muse is all part of my journey towards self realisation. I’ve spent many years controlling her and confining her. The unshackling process sometimes means that I need to push myself harder than I might feel entirely comfortable with.

But what is comfort? Sometimes it’s a place we need to inhabit to keep ourselves safe from harm. Other times it can act as a false prison. As I move through the stages of the Great Round of Mandala, I’m in a place of heightened productivity and the biggest creative outpouring I’ve ever experienced.

I’m having to manage this massive rush of unconscious breakthroughs by employing a great deal of my rational, conscious self. There’s such a move towards silencing our egos, but you know, sometimes we can only make progress when we employ our egos. This stage is entirely one of those!

Off the back of it all, we’re making huge leaps towards realising our future plans here at the home of Team Gibbons. I know it’s annoying when folk start mentioning that they have exciting stuff that they’re not prepared to talk about just yet. I’m sorry to be doing just that. But today marked not only the setting of a huge intention, but the plan by which we’ll manifest it.  I can hardly wait!

But first, there’s a couple of mandala lessons to prepare and the filming for I am, I am, I am. If you’d like to get on the action early, hop on over to find out if the workshop might be for you – there’s a pre-registration price for brave adventurers!