True You

Truly, there has never been a better time for you to step into your true self. Even if you’re feeling a wee bit scared. Even if you feel you’re not quite whole enough. Especially if you’re feeling a wee bit fraudulent.

Why would you waste any of the precious time you have living a life that isn’t true to your values, beliefs and preferences?

Often people tell me that they feel pressured into behaving a certain way, or looking a certain way by important people in their lives – their boss, their mother, their children, lover, husband ….

I used to feel the same way – and still struggle from time to time, to overcome those tendencies.

What if you were able to identify who you were altering your behaviour for and then told them how you feel when you do? How do you think they would react?

Chances are they would offer you an apology and explain that they didn’t want you to feel out of sorts. Often, it’s our own stories that cause us to alter our natural preferences.

Not always, of course – sometimes it’s in the rules, or we are explicitly asked to appear differently so we ‘fit in’. That requires a different approach and an altogether different set of evaluations, not for this post.

I’m feeling a lot braver about being the true version of me. I’ve put years into discovering who that is. Now’s my time to live it (even when the whispers may urge me to do otherwise.) I know fear when it shows up. I know what it’s up to. I’ve listened, and I’ve chosen to keep going, regardless.

Are you with me?


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