Quite a few highlights since last week’s #peakoftheweek post.

I got to spend a couple of days working on a mixed media piece which was just for me. It was for (and a message from) my mama. About how the last month that we spent together truly awakened my heart, activated my potential for limitless compassion and emphasised that love is all that matters.

Here’s a little of her in the making, courtesy of my favourite app, Vine (toggle on sound and if the image is still, click on it for the full video experience) ;

Now for something completely different…

Last night, this performance at our local theatre was a complete joy. Austen’s Women is a one-woman show, performed entirely from the words of Jane Austen. Brilliantly adapted and performed by Rebecca Vaughan, the show seamlessly delivers a relevant and truthful account of the character of women, with help from thirteen very different Austen ladies.

Austens Women

If you appreciate Austen’s perception on relationships, this show is a must see!

Back to the more expected, but not so usual….

Who knew working with index cards was so liberating?! Honestly, I’m deeply appreciating this unexpected mode of exercising some daily creativity. My recent surge in creativity has seen me excited to get out of bed and on with things – knowing that working on an index card is a no-pressure, super quick activity is part of it, I’m sure!

Btw, you can join in this year’s ICAD challenge at anytime during the month.

icad day 4

Finally, we’ve been experiencing summer here in Scotland – hooray, hooray, hooray! If you’re familiar with the weather here, then you’ll know just what exciting news that is!

Yesterday’s research for the Great Round of Mandala session took place entirely out of doors. It was truly warm and sun protection lotion was required. It was not without distraction, of course and even although I was disconnected from my computer, I still managed to deviate from time to time.

Like capturing and editing #selfies …

being julie gibbons

The sun has disappeared for now, but there’s hope of a return.

What’s working for you this last week? It’s good to share …