This little alien was recorded on 25th April and I finally found some time to edit the video today, as part of creative practice Monday here at Julie Gibbons Creative.

She’s actually the fourth in the series of Goddess Portraits – the third one was a complete disaster, soon to be featured in a story about creative mishaps over at Creative Dream Journals (on 13th June.)

I didn’t begin with the idea of an alien in mind, but as I was finishing up this quick portrait, I was invited to think of her as a space goddess – a light being, not of this dimension.

She reminded me of a book I read recently by Joan Kellogg, Wake Up to the Call of Soul. The book is about healing and consciousness-raising but it was poorly edited and the story didn’t resonate with me immediately. However, the principle of it was certainly interesting, involving multiple dimensions, light-beings, crystals, colours and transformational, healing energies.

There’s a paragraph in it which this Space Goddess of mine reminds me of today,

“To be in your true Power which is Divine Power, you need only open your heart.

No Master, no Angel, no great being will do this for you. You are the Master of your inner and outer experiences…

It is NOW time to embrace this truth. Put off the idea that you are not worthy. Put off the idea that you need to evolve further.

Put off the idea that you are not God in Creation and always creating. Put off the idea that you are not responsible for your creations.

Put off the idea that you need to seek answers and guidance outside of yourselves.

Put off the idea that you are not perfect. You are perfect and are always evolving your perfection.

Wake up to the love that resides in your heart, wake up to your wisdom and to your forgetfulness.

You are Great Spiritual Beings with infinite potential. This is what you must remember.”

I do believe in that paragraph – not just intellectually, but experientially – I can attest to its wisdom.

Yes, I believe that I am human and my body is my home. But I cannot simply choose one or the other.

I am multi-dimensional. I am a wild, human woman and I am also perfectly Divine. I am worthy – and I am evolving.

I believe you are, too 😉

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