icad2013 day1

A daily creative challenge is not for everyone. But this is really simple – honest 🙂

Take one index card each day for the months of June and July and get your creative on – this is Index Card A Day! You can do anything with it – as long as it’s an index card.

Tammy over at Daisy Yellow is the host for this legendary challenge. It’s my first time joining in.

Here are my personal guidelines (for me) to see me through the sixty one days;

  • Make it the first thing I do each morning.
  • Keep it really simple.
  • Don’t care about what it looks like.
  • Don’t invent another layer of a theme (there extra prompts if you’d like.)
  • Play and do stuff even (especially) if it’s not what I’d normally do.

(Toggle on sound and click the image below if it’s not moving for the full Vine experience!)

Fancy joining us?

You can begin anytime …. It’s an easy and fun way to establish your creative practice, supported by a wonderful community!

You don’t need to call yourself an “artist” to be eligible.