Digging Deep

We are archaeologists of the psyche. Each new layer uncovers fresh insight.

Insight = understanding.

Understanding = better living.

Better living = improved wellbeing.

To live well within our being. To live fully. That’s why we’re here.

Many of us in our community undertake this work in different ways. Some through photography. Others, poetry.

Many of us are digging deep.

My most recent digging has come via mandala-making. My wellbeing has increased considerably.

Today’s the last day to join our band of beautiful mandala mavens as we dig deeper on our journey of The Great Round of Mandala.

“Although I had no idea what would happen, I found that’s the beauty of these mandala lessons. Unexpected magic happens!” Nicola Wilson

Sign up for season one access (stages one – four + bonus lesson + free art print) closes midnight tonight.


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About the image

You can download the image for non-commercial use, please remember to attribute it to Julie Gibbons.