Webinar Practice

See all those smiling faces? My wish for everyone would be that their job/work/business brought them such joy! Definitely a peak of the week for me 🙂

Here, we three (Lindsay, Amy and myself) are testing out the webinar technology for tomorrow’s Art of Embodiment demonstration (the lovely Alma is hanging out in the background just for fun.)

“All three of us recognise that the enormous changes happening on earth right now are calling us to self-reference. To learn how to listen to ourselves. Fully. Deeply. Easily. And often.

The Art of Embodiment work has grown as a response to this.” Lindsay Macleod

You will be able to join us tomorrow, Thursday 30th May, live and in person on a computer screen near you (or you can listen in by phone) as Amy and  myself help Lindsay demonstrate her remarkable techniques.

Find out more and register (on Lindsay’s website) – we would love to see you!