Self Promotion

Since the first Friday of 2013 I’ve been doing this thing here on my blog, where I share one of my own #foundinspirations messages alongside a wee story.

Here I am today, wondering which one to include, and what I want to say about it – but all I really want to do is paint.

I already spent the first hour at my desk composing a promotional email – but all I really want to do is paint.

There’s other stuff going on (like renovating a flat for rental) which has also gotten in the way of my creative muse, and I thought this week’s #foundinspirations post might be about that.

But then I saw this message and I knew this was today’s #foundinspiration …

I’ve never been close up ready for self-promotion

Twenty years as a marketing professional promoting other folks’ ideas and creations and I was always content to stay in the background – until I hit forty. I hit forty years of age and suddenly I had something to say that I wanted to share.

Having trained and worked as a marketing pro for a long time, I theoretically know how to get the word out.

But it really isn’t the same when you’re promoting your own stuff. All sorts of stuff begins to happen when you begin to promote yourself. Some of the time it feels marvellous. Other times it feels plain wrong.

Often, it seems to get in the road and I don’t think I’ve ever really been ready for it… Especially when I just want to paint.

p.s. I have stuff to sell here and here. If you buy it, you’ll feel great and I get to cover the cost of creating it (and I also send you extra love juju.) It’s a win/win, yes?


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