hold me close mandala

Mandalas come in many guises. Their energies are wide and varied. Contents can be anything from the realms of our imaginations. But one thing I’m finding common to all of the mandalas I create is that they are indeed magical!

You might not be able to identify the circular shape of the mandala in the above picture, but I promise it is there! What you can see here is a collage response to some inner child healing work I was doing as part of a bonus lesson for the Great Round of Mandala.

Although I had recently begun to work with some inner child healing, it wasn’t an area I felt particularly drawn to at this time. However, it seemed appropriate to work with this theme as the good mother archetype can be seen very strongly during stage four of the Great Round, which we’ve been working with. What better time than to extend to your inner child some good parenting?

The power held within this mandala is actually very strong for me.

Personal archetypes and mandalas

Mandalas are an excellent mode of expression when working with archetypal stories because these stories most often express themselves via symbols and metaphors.

This makes them hard to get to grips with on a logical level, but if we can engage our intuition – our soul wisdom – then we can find greater understanding. I use mandalas to bypass my logic and get straight to my intuition.

And so I begin to reveal more of my own personal archetypes – it’s a fascinating, and powerful process.

Multi-level insights

Did you toggle the sound on to hear my dodgy singing? That was immediately after completing my inner child mandala. I was compelled to listen to Joni Mitchell’s Circle Game.

You see, I find that what happens during this mandala making is insight on a number of levels. Of course there’s the prep work we do beforehand, to which the mandala is most often a response. Next up, there’s the actual process of creating the mandala – so many insights come during the making of them! There’s our immediate response afterwards and I usually let myself feel into each of these stages before I spend some time ‘in conversation’ with the mandala.

The magic doesn’t stop there – it continues to provide insights long afterwards… I’m still recognising stuff from the first mandala I created for the Great Round back in January – like my burning fire within … I’ll leave you to imagine more about that one 😉

My inner child grows into a Bond Girl

This particular mandala offered me much information which I’m still processing (I only created it a few days ago.) Some of that information seems obvious to me on reflection and other parts were actually very surprising.

Even although this was an exercise that I wasn’t bursting at the seams to create, its power is still very strong for me – the mandala magic strikes again!

It has helped me fit even more comfortably into my own skin. I equate this growing into myself like I imagine trying on a particularly well tailored evening gown (think Bond girl stylee.) In this dress, I stand much staller and I feel entirely comfortable in my own skin. Wearing it feels sexy and alluring – there’s an archetypal story in its own right!

I bet you’re as surprised as me that some mandala-making might see you emerge as a Bond Girl. I’m finding it all very appealing, hahaa!

What it boils down to is an increased self-esteem. This allows me to become the best self I can be and helps me to fulfill my life’s purpose – doesn’t that sound attractive (sexy, even?)

Great Round of Mandala : Season One (stages 1-4, inc bonus inner child healing)

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