triskele mandala

Five months in to my Great Round of Mandala journey and I’m astonished at what a powerful process this is for me. I knew I was strongly drawn to this archetype but honestly, before I began to lead a group of amazing women on this journey, I didn’t understand that I was about to unleash some true magic into being.

Just to be clear, I don’t use the word ‘magic’ lightly.

My life and work is transforming so deeply through each Mandala I make – it’s difficult to try and sum it up in a blog post. Everything I begin to write seems so glib.

The mandalas have even begun to ask to be created! I know, you’re thinking I’ve gone a wee bit too woo woo on you, but bear with me – for it’s all a true story.

I often have ideas for mandalas – images and symbols regularly come to mind in addition to ideas for therapeutic style exercises and I’m pretty good at keeping these stored for when I’m ready to take action.

This week, though, I had to delay my planned schedule as there was a mandala which insisted on being brought to life. I really had no choice – everything else was pushed out of my mind.

One thing I’ve learned during the past three years of full-time self discovery work is to pay attention when these events take place. The next step is to decide if I actually need to take action and then to figure out when.

crystal rainbow

I’ve just spent a gentle yet powerful weekend with the shining beauty of two soul sisters. It was the alchemy of our combined energies which resonated from the call of this mandala. So I listened, I took immediate action and this happened. I had the video equipment already set up to record the creation of a bonus lesson for The Great Round of Mandala, so I used it to record this instead.

Mandala making has become an integral part of my integration of self. Where I might struggle to get to the bottom of things with my written journaling practice, the process of making art in this way – images only for myself – comes easily and with great meaning. With each magic circle, I experience great personal growth and understanding comes to me from a deeper, more powerful source.

I’m gaining more confidence each month – personally and in my business. I’m way less concerned with what my image looks like and massively more invested in the process and the messages it contains.  Not only has my art journaling process evolved and improved, I’ve been using it to help creatively plan my business!

Unleash your own magic!

The wonderful news is, I’m not alone. Feedback from the Great Round of Mandala students backs up my experience. It’s been so good that even although I closed subscriptions for the course back in February, I’ve decided to offer Stages One – Four of the Great Round as a pack (Season One) for a limited time period.

If you’re interested, visit The Great Round of Mandala web page for full details, including more feedback like this;

I think people should know how much time, energy, investigation, openness and sharing you put into each lesson, not just the material but the preparation you do before hand. ~ Nicola

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cosmic mandala

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