Perfect Silence

You know sometimes you need to take a break from being social? You become almost entirely inward looking and it’s a real effort to pull out of your zone and engage with other folk. Eating and bathing may become somewhat of a chore – it isn’t that you stop doing them, it’s just they become entirely functional activities rather than pleasurable ones.

Your gaze very rarely strays past the place of soft focus you reach in waking meditation and when other people (including your nearest and dearest) approach you to engage in perfectly reasonably dialogue, you grow irritated and don’t behave as well as you might.

It’s usually only when I’m about to emerge from this stage that I notice I’m in it. That’s when I make the announcement to everyone, “I’m in hiding, processing stuff. Be back soon!” And that’s precisely the same moment that I am ready to come out of hiding and then I feel a bit of an eejit about announcing my hibernation at the same time as re-engaging!

A creative gestation

The really interesting bit is what follows the hibernation. I find it always involves something pretty major, birthed after what has turned out to be a surprising creative pregnancy. And yes, this happened to me this week and this morning, my ‘new baby’ dropped with aplomb into my lap, right in the middle of an entirely unrelated conversation.

A natural flow and ebb of creativity, I revel in it. Although it always amazes me – the whole process, how I find I only notice I’m in hibernation when I’m ready to emerge from it and what is birthed as a result.

Going public

When I commented amount this yesterday on the Julie Gibbons Creative Facebook page, I asked who else might experience the same. I was primarily interested in the pattern of it and whether the end result was a subtle change, or more obvious one.

It turns out that it can be both, although when the change feels incredibly humongous on the inside, it can often appear that very little has changed on the outside.

I have so many wonderful supporters there that I also received a great deal of love and support for my time in hibernation. I’m truly grateful for it – I think so many of us realise what an important experience it is – and that when we can, we should surrender to it.

But I hope to reassure everyone that all is well. I’m at peace with this process. To be honest, it excites me more each time I go through it. I love you for sending hugs, though. I truly value this community of spiritual, loving, creative souls to which I belong.

Journal prompts

  • What does your creative ebb and flow manifest as?
  • Can you learn to anticipate it better?
  • What support do you need to give yourself to allow you to lean into it even more?


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