Taking time out, somewhere different from our everyday – this is something I love to do and never seem to get enough of. Time out is so precious, it can be full of nothing and still full of treasure, don’t you find?

I took a week out with my family this spring. A different experience for each of us, I found great relief in being away from the laptop and (most of the time) my iPhone. Isn’t it so that a break from technology does us all good? (although you might have better luck convincing our teenager than we did!)

For me this trip was mostly about taking rest. Doing little. Just being. And by doing so, I found enough space – space to heal and for new ideas to venture into the gap, too.

Stoneleigh Abbey is certainly the most wonderful venue  to find some space (toggle on/off the sound on each of these videos separately):

And not just the outside space. Although I mainly rested, I did the teensiest wee bit of study:

The sun made an appearance for a few days, and He beat down some warm rays on my very special, sacred spot. I imagine this grove entirely populated by the Faerie when I’m not there:

When the teenager wasn’t gallivanting around London or staying with his friend locally, we managed some family fun. This ancient oak tree has intrigued us for many years so we decided to measure its girth – almost ten metres!:

We took the obligatory trip to Stratford upon Avon and crossed the river on the alleged last remaining chain ferry in the UK:

Don’t tell the boys, but I mostly enjoyed solitary meditations – either down on the river in the gazebo, or walking around the splendid gardens:

Back home and I’m already looking forward to my next planned getaways. What about you?