Energetic Mysteries

Making art is a magic conduit to your personal truth. It’s a mysterious process that us humans have yet to figure out, but we already know that it works.

The ancients knew it. It’s alchemical.

I’m not sure when we started to believe that art was valuable only when created by certain people – perhaps when we began to assign value on the product rather than the process.

The process of art making (art therapy) carries great value for everyone. In it lies the potential for new understanding and great healing. Sure, we can analyse the images afterwards (and therein lies some fantastic alchemy) but strip it right down into a present moment experience and we see we are actually experiencing magic.

Some of us meditate or pray. Some of us exercise. Others dance. There are those of us who play. Singers and sculptors, painters and poets – we are all opening up a gateway to a magic realm. It’s transformative – and it’s so fucking important that we do it.

That comes from somewhere deep down, not the logical part of me, but the visceral, wild and demanding shaman. The untamed sorceress who chooses circle, fire, dance and takes the mud from beneath her and smears it on her forehead.

Art boosts energetic mysteries. Everyone can do it. Drawing from within is entirely different from what they taught us in school. This is not about drawing what we see, it is about drawing who we are. It is organic, it is alive, there can be no right or wrong.

Do you wish to get closer to your whole self? Can you make art today?

Is there a Crayola laying about somewhere in your house? Take it and scribble out who you are today. Start with drawing circles, like you once did when you were but a babe. Follow your intuition. Lay aside judgement of the product. Feel into the experience. How does it make you feel? What thoughts are you thinking? Whose voice is in your head? How is your energy, now?

Still afraid to make art? Unconvinced about magic? Tell me why. Share your objection here. I want to understand.


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