cameo cinema edinburgh

No art video this week – I’m on spring break – yay!

Here instead is something from the archives, that explains a wee bit of why the project came into existence:

The goddess that calls to me is in everyone – and everywhere. I see her when I look in the mirror. I see her lying all sparkly-like on a hospital bed. I see her when I check my Instagram feed, my Facebook profile, my email account. I see her in the post office, in the forest, in the night sky, at the cinema …

I don’t always call her a goddess. She certainly doesn’t go by just one name. I’m quite a practical gal – always have been. My beliefs are complex and myriad : the hubster calls me an initiate of the church of the cosmic uncertainty (totally made up church, a figment of his imagination).  I’d have trouble explaining to a skeptic what I really mean. Today, writing out my gratitude letter, I discovered this truth. And I just know it. From the very depths of my heart.

I believe in the divine and I see it every day. I see it in you. Right now.

Remember, you manifest the jewel in your existence with every breath, with every day you are alive. You are the lover, the process of loving and the beloved. ~ Deepak Chopra