She came to light on Easter Sunday, this springtime goddess, and turned out to be no bleating lamb – her energy was  very present and rising!

The Lady took a lot longer to arrive than the previous week – keep watching and you’ll see how much attendance she demanded, as I reshape her face not once but twice.

The soundtrack is another gorgeous one, so this video is an ideal accompaniment as you take your morning coffee – or create your own portrait, perhaps? (such a lovely thought, that you might be arting alongside.)

Answering your questions

I’ve received some interesting questions about this video series, so I decided to answer them here. If yours isn’t covered, just drop me a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer it next time.

Q. Does each portrait represent a particular goddess archetype?

I’m not currently working with any named Goddess, rather I’m activating the goddess energy that I feel wants to be brought forth.

Q. Is the portrait supposed to be realistic?

I hope you can tell that my style for these portraits is not photo realistic. I don’t know what category it would fit itnto, but it definitely employs the idea of ‘drawing from within’.

Q. Do you use a reference photograph?

Sometimes I use a reference photo to spark off an idea, or simply as a positioning guide for features, but usually I just draw what comes from my imagination.

Q. How long does it take to complete the portrait?

This totally varies. The first portrait in the series took about forty minutes from start to finish. The second took just over an hour.

Q. How long have you been painting portraits?

I’m very new to portraits, trying my first one only last year. I’ve probably made about fifteen so far, of differing styles. It’s something I feel very drawn to explore further, to see if I can improve my skills and develop a personal style.

Q. How did you learn to paint/draw portraits?

I’m still learning! I’m self-taught, although have watched more experienced art journalers complete portraits on video and I also participated in Life Book last year, where I attempted my very first girl’s face/portrait.

Q. Why are you sharing your process on video?

  • It’s super fun to step back watch yourself create 🙂
  • I wanted to produce a series of work with the same subject and the video aspect helped my commitment.
  • Sharing helps me let go of the final result, stops my inner critic setting in and helps me to stop thinking “it isn’t good enough.”

But most importantly,

  • There’s a lot of folk who feel the creative urge, but think they’re not good enough – I want to demonstrate that you don’t have to be exhibition quality to find meaning and fulfillment from creating art – it’s for all of us, no matter our skill level 🙂

Why Paint Goddess Faces?

The aim of this series is to demonstrate how we can bring the goddess within each of us to life, through creative expression – in this instance as an art journal  page.

Creating the portraits is a practice which allows us to come face to face with our own numinosity. It lets us realise our true beauty. Through each portrait, we are able to see the the resplendence of the cosmos reflected back to us via our powerful unconscious.

Each time we undertake an exercise like this, we are expressing our true self – our wholeness. When we undertake a series of exercises like this, we reveal different aspects of our self, and become more familiar with our personal symbolism and archetypes.

The purpose of all relationships is to become conscious and to awaken love.” Mary Elizabeth Marlow, Emerging Woman

It’s an especially powerful exercise for women working towards an improved self-esteem or on a path of self-discovery. Working with the goddess archetype will help you strengthen your relationship with self, raise your conscious and nurture your loving self.

The Second Goddess Within Portrait

spring goddess portrait

spring goddess detail

spring goddess detail 3

spring goddess detail

I need your help!

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Thank you! May the goddess bless you this day and remind you of your beauty xo

Goddess Portrait Supplies List

Reeves watercolour paper 190gsm : 305 x 229mm (90lb : 12″ x 9″)
TCW Mini Cosmic Bubbles  (used as background stencil)
Dylusions ink spray : various from Spring 2013 collection 6 pack
Graphite pencil 3B
Caran D’ache Neocolor II : various from the Classic 30 collection
KFong oil pastel : various from the 36 colour collection
Papermania All Aboard alphabet stickers