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Something a wee bit different for you today – I’m delighted to be the host for day three of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Inner Child organized by Jackie Stewart at

This tour is to celebrate the launch of the Inner Child Meditation Kit which Jackie has created so you can let go of childhood wounds to experience more joy, empowerment and fulfillment.

Yesterday the tour visited Karina Ladet. Today I’m sharing a letter I wrote to my teenaged self with some words of wisdom. You might recognise the message.


Dearest, sweet Julie

I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. It isn’t surprising really, what with all of my focus on creative healing and what not.

I think of you, so certain in your fifteen year old self, so sure of yourself and at the same time so very unsure. I feel like I know you so well – I know you’d be horrified to think of yourself as a forty-two year old with anything in common with you as you are now.

But we have lots in common, yes we do. I don’t think there’s been any other time in our life that has been as true as it stands now. Sure, I have grey hair (oh, don’t be alarmed – you really will love it, I promise!) and there’s quite a bit more fat on the bones (you still love chocolate, yes you do) but in essence, we are truly the same.

What? You don’t believe me? Here’s the truth;

Your taste in music never wavers – I’m listening to our dear Joni even as I write this. You’re even going to get to see Crosby, Stills & Nash in Edinburgh in just over 20 years!

I am wearing practically the same clothes as you do and you know what? You can find long skirts that reach all the way to the ground these days. Clothes shopping is something that gets easier – we can find beautifully creative, hand crafted clothes from across the world on this new computer gadget called the Internet – oh my, you are so going to love that 🙂

I know it’s important to you that you can find a way to express yourself creatively. What I want to say to you is that you are on the right track! Dare to be who you are. Don’t worry about not looking cool. You don’t know it yet, but if you concentrate too hard on being cool, you’ll end up missing out on a lot of fun.

You’d deny it applies to you, I know, but being bothered about what other people think is common to nearly everyone out there – it’s not just you, it’s social conditioning. Here’s the thing – if you can find some courage and confidence to please only yourself then you will end up a lot happier in the long run (and you will find that courage, I promise).

Remember when you went to visit the careers counselor at high school? You didn’t know what you wanted to DO when you left school, but you knew what you wanted to BE. You wanted to be a hippie! But you were ashamed of it as a non-choice. You thought that dropping out was really only for those without prospects. But it was your secret dream. You didn’t know how how to pull it off and all the careers guy could offer was that you would be an outstanding beach bum!

I wish so much for you that you might have had a creative role model to follow, or even some half decent advice from some of the folks at school because I believe that if you did you will have made different decisions about what comes next.

I don’t think you would have let the fact that Mr Anderson sent you out of that art class stop you from deciding to go to art school, for starters. He is a very different type of person than you are and even though he disagreed with you about your choice of tee-shirt he knew what he was about when it came to judging your natural abilities.

This happens a lot in life – you will come across many different people who don’t share your values and belief systems. I’ll let you into a secret – that’s the way of the world. Sure it is. But pay attention, because this is the really important part – in no way does it mean that your choices are in any way invalid. How can they be? They belong to you. Try not to let yourself be confused about who you are and what you do (they’re quite different things).

Your values and beliefs live in your heart. As does your creativity. They will never go away. Instead, they’ll grow bigger and as they do, your heart will also grow. These are the things that make you special.

You’re not alone in this. You might not know them yet, but there is a whole community of beautiful, gentle, creative, imaginative souls out there in the world and one day you will find yourself connected to them.

They will share your struggles – about inner confidence and struggling to find a balance between practicalities and heart song. They won’t deride your choice of clothes, or your hairstyle. They’ll remind you to keep dancing! They’ll know what you mean when you tell them you only really ever wanted to be a hippie – and they’ll applaud you for it!

Girl, you are a beautiful, sensuous, creative soul whose time on this earth is a sacred experience. Hold onto that and keep it safe – no matter what happens next. You are going to follow a path that might not seem like it’s heading in the right direction sometimes, but be sure that you will end up in the right place. That’s the cosmic balance at play.

Know that there will be a lot of love in your life. Know that you are worthy of it. Know that you are exactly who you were meant to be. Know that you’re the best you that you can possibly be. Know that your brilliance can never be extinguished. 

And don’t forget to smile. You light up the world when you smile!

With all my love,
your 42-year old self
creative, bohemian, Joni Mitchell wannabe xoxox


I highly recommend the power of doing this process yourself and hope you feel inspired to do so – it can be really very enlightening. I listened to the longer meditation just yesterday and visited myself at about aged ten or eleven – there were a lot of tears – a lot of release, but that letter stays private!

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