Collage Magic

Word and image collage was one of my first practices during my creative renaissance. It’s also the one I’m drawn to practice most often – creating Found Inspirations.

It’s especially satisfying to do when my emotions or energy are at a low ebb. Or when I want to ease myself into the day without getting straight onto the to-do’s

I can choose how creative I want to get with it, depending on my mood and the time available to me.

What are Found Inspirations?

An excerpt from my free guide, Found Inspirations Journaling;

Found Inspirations are short messages you select for your journal using a process which allows you to tap into your powerful unconscious. It’s an easy to establish practice, which reveals hidden patterns and offers unique insight in as little as five minutes each day.

Because you are making use of ‘found elements’ and there is no drawing required, the technique is ideal for art journal newbies. It also speaks to anyone who feels called to establishing a daily intuitive creative practice, isn’t sure where to begin and wants to start somewhere easy.

How does it work?

Another excerpt;

It’s an intuitive process and there is much to vouch for in that alone but the extra magic lies in the fact that it is achieved via a sensory experience. It is this combination of the intuitive and the sensory that results in quite extraordinary messages presenting themselves to you for consideration.

And from those messages we often achieve emotional healing, self affirmation – sometimes even a kick up the bum we didn’t know we needed!

Join in with friends

Would you like to share your journal word collages? Join us in the Found Inspirations Friday Flickr Group!

The uber talented word crafter Aimee at Artsyville has introduced Glue it Tuesday – I’m late to the party, but will definitely be joining in.

Making a monthly dreamboard with Jamie is a great way to utilise your word and image collages and was the way I got started. Join her studio and you will have access to a free video explanation of how to get started.


Have you downloaded your free guide to creating your own Found Inspirations practice? It’s so quick and easy, anyone can do it anywhere. But it’s powerful, too – and an ideal way to begin art journaling and get those creative juices flowing!

Don’t forget to use the hastags #foundinspirations and/or #foundinspirationsfriday if you’re sharing elsewhere.

About the image

You can download the image for non-commercial use, please remember to attribute it to Julie Gibbons.