I’ve posted this video before, but was reminded to do so again by a conversation over on my Julie Gibbons Creative Facebook page.

Two beautiful souls who are accompanying me on the Great Round of Mandala 2013 described their hesitancy to make art and could trace it back partly to being told they were no good at art back in their school days.

I see so many people drawn to using art and creative outlets for their journeys of self discovery. I see the magic happen before my eyes when the intellect is bypassed and we are able to connect directly to our unconscious using only our trust in the artful process. And the meaning that flows from that work is of enormous impact.

You are an artful being

To think that this opportunity to connect so deeply to our self, to more fully understand our cosmic stories and come to know our own truth through the exploration of patterns, symbols and archetypes  could be denied to us because some ‘teacher’ somewhere has seen fit to withdraw the gift of belief in ourselves as artful beings, well that makes me truly sad.

busy bee picture making and writing - pup

Sad, yes, but even more determined in my quest to reconnect us to the five year old self who knew nothing other than the moment in time when her body was square, her hair purple and did you not know that the latest in skin colour was green?

Rekindle your creative fire

One of the best resources I have connected with regarding the importance of creativity in our lives, our ability to take advantage of the waxing and waning cycles of creative energy and how to overcome our art wounds is The Creative Fire (Amazon link) by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

It is an audio work on the myths and stories of the cycle of creativity and it helps us figure out our own creativity myths and our own art stories and how to overcome these to recapture this vital essence within us. You can also find it on Audible. I highly recommend to you, whatever stage of your artful journey.

You are a wondrous artful being

Please be assured that your art, your craft, your words, are yours to own and are just as valid as your journey, your doubts and fears, joys and despair.

This is your story. You get to decorate it as you choose. That will always be ‘just right’. It will always be more than ‘good enough’. You are a wondrous soul. You hold within you the most wondrous art. Let it flow.