Self Mandala

A mandala is a sacred circle. It can be an image, a building, a dance. The important aspect is the circle (of course) and the intention.

Mandalas are used to create, attract, focus and contain sacred energy. In Buddhist and Hindu thought, the mandala is the symbol of the universe. Carl Jung believed it was the symbol of the self – the self striving towards wholeness.

If you create a circle (on an art journal page, or on your dinner plate) and fill it with symbols that mean something to you, that is a mandala.

I’m exploring the mandala archetype on my self-directed, self discovery ecourse Great Round of Mandala 2013. The first lesson is open to everyone for free until 17th February 2013. We’d love you to join us!

Here’s some more mandala inspiration for you to enjoy : Mandala Archetype Pinterest Board.