Creative Woman

 “It isn’t easy for any of us to transcend the past, or pain we might have suffered. Yet, there are gifts in those pains, and we can choose to let light into the dark places.” ~ Sark

Those words are right at the beginning of the Sark’s national bestseller Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing with Your Wonder-Full Self! This book is not for everyone. It’s so wildly colourful and exuberant, you almost have to wear sunglasses just to open up the pages!

What it offers us, though, is an opportunity to explore our creativity in many forms. In order to bring our light into the dark places – to heal. There’s tips on journaling and painting, yes of course. But there’s also much more, for creativity touches every part of our lives, don’t you know.

And when we fully explore our creativity, something wonderful happens – we become stronger (in mind and body.)

Journal Prompts

  • Can you think of ways in which your creativity has helped you become stronger?
  • Include each of those in a gratitude list for today.
  • For each item, give thanks – say ‘thank you for helping me become stronger’ out loud (or in your mind).
  • Set the list free – burn it, flush it down the loo, tear it out and plant it in the garden or compost heap.
  • If you art journal, you can paint over the list or tear it up ready to use as a background.


Found Inspirations Friday is a regular feature here on Julie Gibbons Creative. Each Friday I  share one of my personal Found Inspirations word collages from my archives.

Found Inspirations  is a creative practice I use to reveal messages I need to pay attention to. I believe these messages are universal in nature and apply to each and everyone of us. By sharing them here, I hope to offer you the opportunity to connect with a message you might find useful as you move into the weekend.

Create and share your Found Inspirations

Have you downloaded your free guide to creating your own Found Inspirations practice? It’s so quick and easy, anyone can do it anywhere. But it’s powerful, too – and an ideal way to begin art journaling and get those creative juices flowing!

Would you like to share your journal word collages? I’ve created the Found Inspirations Friday Flickr Group so you can do just that! I’d love to see you there – all you need to do to join is create a Flickr account (it’s free!). You can post anytime, you don’t even need to wait until Fridays :)

Don’t fancy a Flickr account? No problem – just leave a link to your image in the comments of any Found Inspirations Friday post.

Don’t forget to use the hastags #foundinspirations and/or #foundinspirationsfriday if you’re sharing elsewhere.

About the image

If any of the Found Inspirations images appeal to you, feel free to download them for your personal use. I’d only ask that you don’t alter them in any way and if you’re sharing them online, please do use the attribution, “image by Julie Gibbons“.