Heart Dream

“As a general rule, the unconscious aspect of any event is revealed to us in dreams, where it appears not as a rational thought but as a symbolic image,” recorded the eminent Swiss psychologist CG Jung.

There are many definitions of the word ‘dream’ in Merriam-Webster.

Jung, of course was referring to the noun; ‘a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep‘.

My #foundinspiration on the other hand, well at first I thought it refers to a separate meaning of the same noun, ‘a strongly desired goal or purpose.’ But then I began to wonder.

The first is the output of our unconscious, whilst the second is the output of our conscious. They are simply two aspects of the same.

My prompt, then is to begin to tune more fully into the dreams of my unconscious. I have a feeling those dreams will see me feel way more satisfied than the list of goals my conscious mind could dream up.

My sleeping dreams may not appear so sweetly to begin with, but I am undaunted. I believe the discovery of treasure will be sweet enough.

Journal Prompts

  • If you don’t already, record everything you remember of your dreams for the next week (I’ve begun a special journal just for this purpose.)
  • At the end of the week, see if the symbolic images mean anything to you. This is your unconscious speaking, so it may not make any sense at first.
  • Record how you think this imagery relates to your past, current or future situation.
  • Return to your findings in a month’s time to see if the messages make any more sense.


Found Inspirations Friday is a regular feature here on Julie Gibbons Creative. Each Friday I  share one of my personal Found Inspirations word collages from my archives.

Found Inspirations  is a creative practice I use to reveal messages I need to pay attention to. I believe these messages are universal in nature and apply to each and everyone of us. By sharing them here, I hope to offer you the opportunity to connect with a message you might find useful as you move into the weekend.

Create and share your Found Inspirations

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About the image

If any of the Found Inspirations images appeal to you, feel free to download them for your personal use. I’d only ask that you don’t alter them in any way and if you’re sharing them online, please do use the attribution, “image by Julie Gibbons“.