Cosmic Mind

A New Year, a new healthy start. Do you feel inspired to kick start a new health regime each January? This particular message is a reminder to me that my healthy body begins with my healthy mind.

I find that my mind is often unable to concentrate on multiple aspects of my wellbeing. It’s almost as if there’s not enough room to concentrate on the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels aspects at once; if I’m practicing one aspect successfully, I am often to be found dropping another.

I know this begins with my mind, and the choices I make each day. It’s why I’m going to focus on my meditation and awareness practices this month, as I believe that my ability to concentrate is key to unlocking this mystery for me.

Journal Prompt

  • Which aspect, if any, of your holistic health practices would you like to see improved in the next week? Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual?
  • What daily choices do you make that lead you closer to/away from your health aspirations?
  • Is there one practice above all others that you can commit to for the next week that would see you move closer to your wellbeing goals?
  • How would you feel if you managed to achieve that goal over a longer period?


Found Inspirations Friday is a new venture here on Julie Gibbons Creative. Each Friday I  share one of my personal Found Inspirations word collages from my archives.

Found Inspirations  is a creative practice I use to reveal messages I need to pay attention to. I believe these messages are universal in nature and apply to each and everyone of us. By sharing them here, I hope to offer you the opportunity to connect with a message you might find useful as you move into the weekend.

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