I haven’t made an art journal entry since the end of November 2012. I just haven’t been called to it. It doesn’t mean I’m ignoring my creative impulses, though. I’ve simply found myself called towards a different set of creative practices.

And I’m big on intuitive wisdom – especially when it comes to creativity.

Words have played a major part of the process. In my journal, oh yes, plenty of words have poured out to mark my experiences as we said goodbye to one year and hello to the next.

And then there have also been the words of others.

Pre-dinner. Baileys. Poetry.

I first heard Marge Piercy’s poetry read by Liz Lamoreux and I cried. I cried tears of recognition. I cried tears of pain. I cried strong tears. I knew that I had to spend some time with this woman’s words. And who could resist a poetry collection with that name?

Marge has been joined by Mary Oliver, of course. I managed to read some of her words at mum’s funeral service. They brought great comfort. Then there’s Hafiz. And Rumi. They have all been singing their sweet songs to me.

And what I know is that this written journaling and the poetry has been part of a sacred communion. A necessary practice during these weeks after mum’s care.

A communion I was compelled to amplify last week as I ignored my daily to-do’s in favour of altar building.

Ganesha Altar

A small household altar in our family room now glows in the long nights.

Desk Altar

My work space is now blessed with a dedicated altar where I can  cast desires and dreams into the cosmos.

I’ve also a plan to revamp my bedroom altar, but it’s going to have to wait.

I think the communion has done its work. I’ve an inkling to express what’s inside me in the form of colour and images. My art journals are beginning to call my name. I’m a wee bit nervous, but I’m ready to honour the words that appeared on one of my 2013 vision cards …

Leave the safety zone. Make something beautiful.

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Where does your creative urge lead you today? It might not be the place most others expect you. It might not even be the place you usually turn. Take a moment to tune in and find out where your intuition really wants to play.