It’s no secret that major life events can instigate significant behavioural changes. The single, most impactful event in my life has been the catalyst I needed to make a change I’ve been wanting – and failing – to make for a year.

It’s simple, really, but I think it’s the small, simple things that can save our lives, don’t you?

My simple thing? Walking outside every day.

Walking Together

Walking with my husband in the snow.

Hawthorn View

Basking in some much-needed vitamin D.

Path Ahead

Keeping going. Because of course that’s what we must do.

More peaks of this week

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Last, but not least, everyone who has helped me raise funds for Marie Curie.

Oh, the love!

If I’ve forgotten to mention you, I’m so sorry – I’ve received so many cards, messages and emails of love and support this last week. Know that every connection has touched me and left an impact.