Julie Gibbons Birthday

When I first read Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide series, I had no idea how quickly I’d reach the magical age of 42. In case you haven’t read it, 42 is the answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

No one knows what The Ultimate question is, so this is a really tenuous link (and I guess I’m not the first person to use it.) But still, today I celebrate turning the ripe and juicy age of 42. Ask my mum, it’s hard to believe!

I’m claiming the Hitchhiker’s Guide link as this was the year I truly discovered my dharma – my life purpose. I’ve found my answer to my ultimate question and for now at least, it – this life – all makes great sense.

Will you help me celebrate?

I’ve decided to put together a couple of wee surprises for you. The first is a BLOG GIVE AWAY! I’ve chosen 4 items to give away and added in 2 x Instagram prints with each one (do you see what I did there?)

Here is what you could win ….

Buddha Prize

This Buddha Print is the most popular item in my Etsy shop (it’s A4 size). I’ve added in a couple of my Instgram prints (and a biz card) as a wee extra treat.

Found Inspirations Prize

The Strathmore Visual Journal is the same type as the one I use for my Found Inspirations most mornings (it’s 3.5 x 5″). I’ve collected some elements (words & images) to help you get started building your own collages and also added in a couple of Instagram prints and a biz card.

Notecard Prize

Included in this draw lot is a set of 4 note cards with sentiments from my own Found Inspirations archive. Each card is supplied with a 100% recycled paper craft envelope. Two Instagram prints and a biz card are also included.

Postcards Prize

The final lot comprises a set of 4 Postcards with images from my Found Inspirations archive, 2 x Instagram prints and a biz card 🙂

Instructions to take part

All you need to do to be entered into the draw to win one of the four prizes is;

  1. Sign Up for my Newsletter (you’ll receive a free Found Inspirations PDF download link when you do)
  2. Share this blog post by Twitter (suggested text for your Tweet “I’ve entered the blog give away at Julie Gibbons Creative > http://wp.me/p1eGH3-2fsVaY”)
  3. Share this blog post on Facebook (suggested text for your link “I’ve entered the blog give away at Julie Gibbons Creative > http://wp.me/p1eGH3-2fsVaY”)
  4. Come back here and leave me a comment to tell me what you’ve done. (Each action counts as one entry. Please leave one comment per entry to make sure each entry is counted.)
  5. Closed for entries at 12pm Tuesday 4th December 2012.

I’ll announce the winners in next week’s Peak of the Week post (that’ll be Wed, 5th December.)

Thank you! I enjoy playing with you. I’d pass you some cake, and a fizzy drink, if I could 🙂

It’s not over yet!

The celebration continues! For the next four days, every item in my Etsy shop is available to buy at one price. Can you guess what it is?

42nd Birthday Celebration

Ideal as seasonal gifts for yourself or your creative friends and family, all art prints, postcard and note card sets in the shop are available at one price £4.20 GBP (all you have to do is add postage!)

Head on over to take a look! Make sure you add in the special offer item (instead of the original) to your basket to qualify for the celebratory price.

That’s all folks. I’m having the day off today. Celebrations will continue into the weekend. I’ll be sure to raise a glass in your direction. Have the most wonderful day, please.