This particular peak of the week sees me celebrating a beautiful circle of women. We have just completed our tenth and final meeting together as part of Circe’s Circle (a virtual circle of women, led by the immeasurably talented Jamie Ridler.)

But it isn’t really the end. We were – and will continue to be – Women of the Crane.

tibetan bells with crane image

There is great power in the magic generated by circles of women.

No matter what you want to bring to life, the sacred connection gives you wings.

sacred space altar

Being witnessed just as you are, even when you are at your most vulnerable can help you move mountains.

woman birthing

To be honest, back in September, I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me to join Circe’s Circle. I always knew I would some day, but thought that time was in the future. My intuition knew better.

my magnificent self

I’m truthfully amazed at what has shifted in me this last few months.

  • I have moved from having a pretty narrow idea of a product I was creating to becoming crystal clear on my whole business, including a number of highly relevant new products to come.
  • I moved from asking non-stop questions of my self to being in a place of action.
  • I found new friends and developed more fully into my own skin.

I’d do it all over again tomorrow –  thanks and blessings to my fellow Women of the Crane!

Honestly, if you’re swithering about joining Jamie’s Circle, just do it! Most especially if you’re not sure why.