I can hear the siren song of winter carried on the wind. My response is to bury deep and wrap myself up in shawls made of intuition and knowing.

The shawls are knitted together from yarn in a variety of colours and form. Here are just a few of those varieties…

Mandalas + Self + Carl Jung

string of lights

Creative practice can offer us a direct path to our inner knowing. One of the sources I have turned to to explore more about this subject is the madly brilliant and ever curious psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. The more I know of  him, the more I love.

“… I sketched every morning in a notebook a small circular drawing, a mandala, which seemed to correspond with my inner situation at the time. With the help of these drawings, I could observe my psychic transformation from day to day.

To be sure at first I could only dimly understand them; but they seemed to be highly significant, and I guarded them like precious pearls. I had the distinct feeling that they were something central and in time I acquired through them a living conception of the self… ”  CG Jung in Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Creativity + Intuition + Flora Bowley

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The experience of making any art can connect us most vitally with our inner self, if we would only allow it to. I finally got around to reading Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley – it is a book deeply steeped in this notion.

“Human aliveness is inseparable from creativity. I believe that creativity and intuition are intimately connected. We were born with, and continue to possess, deep wells of inner wisdom and creative impulses just waiting to be listened to and acted on. ” Flora Bowley, on Noticing

Consciousness + Meditation + Deepak Chopra

altar candle

Listening to your inner voice requires a quiet mind.  I’m delighted that this month’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge is being led by Deepak Chopra himself. This man and his wisdom has played a significant role in my life over the last ten years (although he doesn’t know it.) In my mind he just keeps making more and more sense.

“Once in a while, out of the fog of thoughts, a clear patch will emerge. If we are quiet, we encounter moments of pure silence. I call these thought “gaps” and, through these gaps, we can glimpse the deepest level of the soul. Each glimpse increases our understanding, and eventually our consciousness becomes expanded.” Chopra, Day 4 of this month’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge

Will you share with me what yarn you are knitting your shawls with?

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