hospital map

In the past week my beloved husband has undergone an operation and I’ve attended hospital for a series of tests. These are difficult matters to talk about. Not because they are embarrassing or anything. They’re, thankfully, not emergency type situations. They are private experiences, though and reasonably traumatic.

I find myself not sharing much about it all, but also feeling so very much in need of talking about it. And I am wondering where is the line between acknowledging your situation/your feelings about it/seeking support to see you through it and simply over-sharing?

It is like I want to wear the equivalent of an “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant” t-shirt; my version would read something like, “I’m not 100%, more shit than usual is happening”.

In this world of online friendships and transparent communications, there is a relationship that forms which is quite unlike our traditional relationships. I find myself traversing this world with great ease when everything is going well – but when things are more difficult? That’s when I seem unable to form a coherent opinion about what to share and what to ask for.

There are plenty of folks to whom this conundrum appears not to be at all problematic! If I’m being honest, sometimes all of the sharing makes me feel a wee bit uncomfortable. But I don’t ever think they should stop – if I don’t want to listen, then all I need to do is switch off, right?

Thankfully, my journal accepts all of my thoughts and doesn’t ever tell me I’m over-sharing. It offers me a place of refuge and exploration without fear of saying too much. But although it does these things, it can’t offer me a hug – not even a virtual one!

Peak of the Week Journal Prompts:

  • Do you find the support you need easy to find online?
  • Have your online relationships replaced a more traditional support network or do you work seamlessly with both?
  • Do you think you offer enough support to those in  your network who may need it?

(All questions I am asking myself, obviously!)