soul mysteries postcard set

Your script flows straight from your heart, all the way down your arm and out through your magical fingertips. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

I know this to be true. The testament lies in the albums I own, bursting with love from beautiful friendships, their handwriting touching me close, transporting me across time and space.

When I revisit these love tokens, I find my hand trails tenderly across the pages. The pictures and messages combine to something more than an email or text ever could. I’d even go as far as to venture even more than a letter.

This is partly why I made a range of postcards and notecards. Because, the combination of words and pictures offers you the chance to share the gift of your script to those you love and admire, with a little something extra.

Each selection of 4 cards is unique. The images are all from my own archive of Found Inspirations. I hope you love them as much as I do. You can see the full range over at my Etsy shop, Julie Gibbons Creates .