Hey there – how are you doing on this, the second round of peak of the week posts? To be honest, I don’t think I’d have shown up here today unless I’d made the commitment to. Yet, I find myself with so much I could share.

This one’s a quick round up. Next up I have a smashing wee art journal spread to share with you. And another post about ‘what supplies I buy where’ in the planning – so do keep coming back 😉

autumn leaves

I met a friend this weekend (hi, Susi!) We’ve known each other for years online. We stay in the same tiny village. Yet, we’d never met face to face! Taking advantage of the not unreasonable weather we arranged a rendezvous in the village and walked to the nearest hostelry for a shared beverage. We didn’t burst into flames or anything!

A pleasant afternoon was exchanged and we’ll do it again. I’ve been craving real life, in the flesh gatherings of late, and I’m also trying to increase my online contact with folks. It’s a mark of things shifting, gears changing.

> The marvellous being that is Jamie Ridler has organised an experiment in hanging out online at a Creativity Coffee next week. I’m going to try and join in (time difference allowing) and would love to chat with you there.

raindrops on the window

Glistening like diamonds, these raindrops on the window were the sound I woke up to in the wee small hours yesterday morning. Apparently, it wasn’t just ‘snow on the high ground’ the previous night, but sleet in the lowlands, also. Brrrrrrrrrr.

It has prompted me to think about a new woolly hat.  The thing is, I’d like a handmade one – so I had an idea that I should try to arrange a creative swap with someone, whereby they crochet/knit me a new hat and I create a painting/journal for them. I fancy a cloche type, close-fitting affair.

> What do you think? Are you at all interested? Do you know someone who might be? Please can you get in touch if you do. Thanks!

frosty grass underfoot

The frost greeted us on our morning walk at the start of the week – although it was the standard bearer to some wonderful golden sunshine and blue skies for the whole day!

I’m guessing the weather didn’t start out all frosty down in the southern hemisphere. That’s where Blogtoberfest is being hosted this year on Kat’s blog. So many bloggers involved and I’m delighted to feature in a small way.

> Check out my guest blog post there, inviting you to unleash your true self in 3 easy steps.

So that was the peak that was, folks. Thank you for joining me here. I appreciate you showing up.

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