new friends art journal spread

Some days you don’t feel very painterly. You already know your drawing skills are lacking. But you have some perfect magazine cut-outs (Psychologies magazine) to put together a fast spread that reflects your day.

The best you can manage aside form that is some acrylic paint, a gel transfer and some pen doodles.

This spread was in recognition of all the new friends I’ve made this week. Women who’ve reached out to me and shared something of themselves. They’ve gladdened my heart.

I wanted to say so in person, so even though the teenager has made off with the video camera, I made you a video on my iPhone. It’s a bit of a ramble. I made it at 5pm (I thought it was only 4pm) and I’ve been up since 4am, so I’m really not at my brightest.

I nearly didn’t publish this. It just wasn’t the perfect take and I’ve never sent a video straight from my iPhone to YouTube before. But it is me and I felt called to speak. It’s a medium I appreciate greatly when others take the time to do it. So here you go, it’s only four minutes long. It’s my swansong to a great week in the world of Julie Gibbons Creative 🙂

I forgot to mention on the video that I was also inspired by the effervescent Effy Wild, who puts herself out on video at least three times a week. I’m not sure I can come up with that amount of content, mind!

Here’s a wee snippet of some of the words I was sent this week about the Found Inspirations Guide. No wonder I’m feeling good, hey?

Thank you thank you for the found inspirations guide! I’ve connected so deeply with your story. Your process and style clicks right into my heart. Love it! ~ Shelley Noyes

I just wanted to thank you for the Found Inspirations guide … I feel like your pdf has given my journaling new life and a freedom that I sorely needed. ~ Cathy Walters

Very much in LOVE with the Found Inspirations Journaling Technique… Just the creative practice I was needing. ~ Jeny Shapolk