This transition into autumn has really sparked me into a flurry of delicious activities – and also highlighted a renewed sense of purpose in amongst the many layers of  deep introspection.

I’m powering through lists. Actually, what I mean to say (and perhaps the most noteworthy point) is that I have begun the practice of making daily lists again, after an absence of a couple of years. And I’m rocking through them!

They’re not icky lists, though. I don an apron and fill up my water pots before I make them. I usually light a candle and create a #foundinspirations beforehand. These lists are juicy and ripe, autumn’s bounty from a spring and summer full of challenge and growth.

Here’s some of the artsy shenanigans that have been happening;

One of my favourite techniques is the acrylic gel transfer. The Golden gloss and acetate film is my fave combo so far.

acrylic gel transfer

I’ve been practicing some more techniques for the very first time. Here I added craft paint to modeling paste and squished through a stencil. Verdict = adore!

stencil and modeling paste

Practicing the lessons I’m creating for Digging for Dharma in my Dharma Journal, I painted over a printed photo of my face for this paper doll.  Love!

light strength dharma journal

The freedom that comes with mixed media and journal art allows my messiness a legitimate avenue, but I’ve been using nights on the sofa to practice the more refined art of  drawing. It’s been many a moon since I sketched something I can actually see (college, I think).

Graphite so far and no life models but magazine photos instead.  I’m finding it equal parts challenging and rewarding.

graphite sketch

This season will be increasingly productive, I just know it. Each morning I am sure of who I am and what I’m doing (except for when I’m not!) It is true that when you sow the seeds, something will grow – it’s the very order of things.

So, know this – if you are just organising your seeds, thinking about sowing some or see nothing but fallow earth, please trust in nature. Growth is inevitable : you will harvest something beautiful and soulful when the time is right.