I used to be all creative in the kitchen. It was also my zen space – a lot of time and effort was spent there. Nowadays, not so much. Truthfully, hardly ever. I’ve no appetite for it!

Previously I would try and prepare a different meal almost everyday. Now I’d much rather paint all day long. It seems there’s little space in my brain to plan the day’s or week’s menu like I used to. It’s become AN ISSUE.

So this is my answer. I’ve prepared a menu of breakfasts, lunches and evening meals for this autumn. Each day I (or the hubster or teenager) can go and look at the menu and decide what we’re eating that day. It’s fairly unimaginative, but there’s something we all like (unless one of us doesn’t – the teenager doesn’t eat buddha bowls, lecso or roast veg, for instance – then we know the alternative) and I know that we’re largely eating according to preference and dietary limitations (the hubster is veggie, the teenager dislikes veg and I like eating from bowls!)

autumn wellness veggetarian menu

It has stopped us having to spend time consulting our imaginations for that day’s meals and freed us up to go do what we really want to do on a day. (My original idea for Veg Box Menu software would have been a great idea after all!)

It also means we still are able to eat fairly healthily.

Preparing the following list to match said menu plan allows us to take the stress out of the grocery shopping as well.

autumn wellness menu shopping list

I’m not sure what a nutritionist would think of it.  It’s hippy food and I will have to try and make sure not every meal is green or brown, but it has been working well for us already. Best of all, it frees up space in my brain and time on my hands for what I find more interesting.

When I think about it, I do find it hard to believe the shift I’ve made in the last year regarding my priorities around food. But to be frank, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight since I stopped managing our meals properly and it worries me that this part of my health would suffer because I can’t find a way to balance managing meals and making art my business.

What about you? Do you find it hard to balance your creative urges and eating well or are you relieved to go and play in the kitchen after a day’s work? Share your tips in the comments below.