As you can tell from this week’s other posts (recycled and fun) I’ve been playing around with some new stuff here at Julie Gibbons Creative.

It is still at an experimental stage, but I decided it was time to let some of it out into the light, and today I did just that. I took a deep breath and uploaded these tiny gems onto my Etsy shop.

One of a kind, each piece is tiny and would love a home in your sacred space. They’re part of a series of Art Minis I’m playing around with.

They’re tiny, they’re shabby, they’re totally inexpensive, they’re designed to let everyone who’d like one have a unique piece of my art in their homes.

Beloved Angel Mini

Buddha Mini Art

Butterfly Girl Mini Easel Art

Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so if you fancy spending the equivalent of a Starbucks on a piece of fun art, just click on the pictures and follow the links to the shop, or see all three in Art Minis.

Thank you!