eraser for stamping

So I took a trip to the local shopping mall and bought some cheap stuff in one of those clearance book stores. They have a fun arts and crafts section with low cost supplies designed to get you creative without being fearful of using up quality supplies and wasting money.

Scouting about the internets from time to time, I absorb a collection of ideas I know I want to try out at some point. It seems the ones most likely to stick in my mind are the really simple/easy ones.

I’d seen the lovely Journal Girl carve out some of her own stamps on some really big erasers, so when I found one next to some really cheap (£1.99 for 10) wood carving tools, it was a no-brainer.

Barely pausing to unwrap them, I set straight to it – with absolutely no idea what I was doing (and even less patience). Voilà, in less than five minutes, I’d created my very first stamp (and I still had all of my fingers intact – bonus!)

eraser carved stamp

Next up, I’d bought a pack of brightly coloured fun foam (the kind you use to make cut outs with kids and assemble into simple shapes). I remember seeing this tutorial on Pinterest and without pausing to look it up, I set to making my own quick designs. Within just a couple of minutes I had some ready to use.

block printing with fun foam

I put them to work on some recycled paint printed paper and produced a more thoughtful piece, but only after about an hour of going wild and letting loose making good use of the stamps in the background, in addition to some new chunky wax crayons (for chubby fingers to hold!)

Kinship with the Divine mixed media painting

There’s so much fun to be found in playing in your art journal! A nice reminder that it isn’t only there to help us explore our shadows and fears, it can also help us celebrate joy.

What fun will you find in today?