I am a little squeeze-happy with my paints! I often end up with excess after the project is finished. Sometimes I just leave it to dry out, thinking I might use it up on something else, but not getting around to it.

I watched this video from Jennibellie about making use of the leftovers last week and it really rang a bell with me,what with my Organikal tendencies and such.

So I saved all the excess paint and ink from last week and used it on loose printer paper and also in my play journal. It made some pretty excellent backgrounds – colours and textures I would never have created if I was planning it.

You know all those quotes flying around on Facebook and on Pinterest? The ones with the nice artwork and the words designed to inspire, provoke or heal? I decided to see if I could make some this morning.

I’m no graphic artist, that’s for sure! I’ve no patience for it, for a start. But take an iPhone, add the Phonto app and you can create your own versions of those inspirational quotes for yourself in a jiffy.

Here’s what I turned out this morning. I might use them in my creative biz plan 🙂

jonathan livingston seagull quote

growth deepak chopra quote

nature vincent van gogh quote

The great thing is, the painted papers are still left untouched, so I can make them go a lot further. How do you reuse leftover paints?