walled garden

I’ve been back from the jaunt south for weeks now. It was warm and sunny and a much needed break. But it was more than a holiday. It was a space-making adventure.

I managed to create space around myself that I’d been sorely in need of. That’s me up there sitting in the walled garden at Stoneleigh. There was not another soul in sight, except those of the wee beasties, like this little lady that came to rest awhile.


>> When was the last time you sat still long enough to attract a friendly beastie to commune with? <<

I promised photographs in my previous post. It turns out I wasn’t at all called to take pictures. Except for a few, like this one.

pink roses

Isn’t that gorgeous? the rose, so simple – and yet also complicated. New buds, decaying petals and full bloom glory all cohabiting in the one plant. I feel a lot of synergy with that plant!

Things are quiet on the social media front from me right now – I’m reluctant to stick my head up from this beautifully nurturing and protective space too often, for fear that I’ll get sucked up into the vortex of busy and doing.

That’s just the way it is sometimes. As my beautiful and wise friend Stargardener reminds me “there are seasons of words flocking and flying”.

There’s stuff happening in this space, of course. Lots of goodness. Some of it for sharing at the right time. For today, I wanted to mark a space here for me* – a reminder that this time isn’t a place of vanishing, but a natural occurrence in the cycle of creation.

(*and a note of reassurance to you that it’s all good.)

>> How can you create the kind of space you want to be in today? <<