It’s been a really tough time lately. Hospitals and more hospitals. Tests and more tests. Results that we don’t want to believe.

dark matter

I’ve had nothing in me to make art.

There’s a vacuum right where my inspiration lives. I can’t hold on to any words that I want to share.  No practical advice to offer. Nada.

This is not a good place to be when you make your living from creative acts.

When it happens, you could choose to be fearful, angry or upset. Or you could decide to surrender to what is.

My experience is that when you surrender, there is always healing to be found.

My salvation through this last while has not been found in the pages of a journal nor in the colours of a palette: my salvation has manifested in the living, breathing body of a little ball of white fur called Molly. A wee dog we’re babysitting whilst her owner is holidaying.

Molly the westie

I’m not really a dog person. I’ve nothing against them, I’m just not that into them. But this wee soul arrived and I might have just fallen head over heels. Completely unexpectedly.

Molly the westie

She’s been filling up the gap where my inspiration usually lives.

Molly the westie

She’s making me laugh from the place that isn’t at all afraid of the dark.

Molly the westie

She’s getting me off my backside and out into the dismal summer weather I’ve been hating on. Summer rain doesn’t melt your skin off after all.

Molly the westie

She’s getting away with more mischief each day. Look at that wee face!

Molly the westie

She’s comforting me when I’m feeling alone or afraid.

Molly the westie

She changes my perspective, she alerts me to the presence of the beast. She’s my defence against the dark arts.

She has absolutely no concept of what a precious a gift she’s been.

Some prompts for your (my) journal:

  • Do you know where to find your salvation outwith the journal?
  • Are there any other ways can you access healing when you need it?
  • Can you recall times in your past when you have found peace in the face of adversity?