faerie graphite

1. Paste in a copy of a graphite sketch.

faerie colour

2. Apply colour with Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils and detail with a Pitt Artist’s Pen and a Uniball Signo.

faerie colourwash

3. Journal loosely with white oil pastel crayon, then apply a colourwash made from watered down acrylic paint over the top and to the rest of the background background.

faerie collage

4. Tear up some patterned paper (I used Japanese origami paper) and paste to the background.

faerie stencil

5. Brayer over the background with white gesso then spray over a stencil with Adirondack Colour Wash.

faerie journal block

6. Stamp the background to create a border and detail on the rest of the spread. Repair detail of portrait lost underneath the background and create circular journal blocks with a compass. Fill in the blocks with a mix of white, blue and crimson acrylic paint.

faerie spread

7. Journal in the blocks of acrylic paint.

The page is complete!

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not bowled over with how the background of this page turned out. The stamp is much too obvious and despite there being a few layers involved, it doesn’t have enough depth of variety to really pull the viewer in.

But, it is certainly a quick way to get a whole spread done and dusted without spending hours on the background (which I have been known to do!).

I love how the portrait of the faerie developed from the graphite sketch, although I did spend some unplanned extra time bringing out fine detail then smooshing it back again – I’m still not sure which version I prefer!

The great thing about using a copy of a previously prepared sketch as the main image is that it is super quick. And the bonus is that I still have the original to make more copies of and play with different approaches as I please.